Teen Bash FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions - Teen Bash 

What time is check-in?
Check in is from 1:00pm-3:00pm on Thursday December 30th.

Can I check in late?
Yes! If you need to check in after 3:00pm, email teenevents@thecharlottechurch.org and provide your estimated arrival time, so someone can meet you when you arrive.

Where is Teen Bash?
Teen Bash is at Camp Walter Johnson, a Salvation Army Campground in Denton NC. The camp has hosted Teen Bash for over 5 years. The camp has lodging, a dining hall, a chapel, a pond, and lots of activities on site (ropes course, paintball, bonfire area, etc.). Everything is in walkable distance. http://www.campwalterjohnson.com/facilities/meeting-spaces/

What is the COVID protocol?
In light of COVID, we will require all participants, chaperones, and adults who serve at the event to provide a negative COVID test result 72 hours before the event regardless of vaccination status. If you are experiencing any COVID symptoms as defined by the CDC, please refrain from attending.

The majority of the festivities are outside. However, we will be dining together indoors and the teens will be sharing a living space in cabins. We will have reminders to wash hands and provide hand sanitizing stations. Masks will not be worn and there will not be social distancing. Our hope is to minimize exposure to sicknesses, but we cannot guarantee it. We are confident you will choose what is best for your child and your family situation. We will take every opportunity to remind the teens to be vigilant in keeping themselves and others as safe as possible.

When I get to the campground, where do I go?
When you drive into the campground, the first building you see (with a flagpole in front) is the Welcome Center. This is where everyone will check in.

What are the sleeping arrangements?
The campground has heated cabins with bunkbeds and full indoor bathrooms. There is also a separate room and bathroom within the cabin for chaperones. Teens and Chaperones should bring a sleeping bag or bedding and pillow. To see the cabins, click here http://www.campwalterjohnson.com/facilities/lodging/cwj-cabins

What is the adult to teen ratio?
We have at least 8-10 chaperones attending from The Charlotte Church (the host church). Each church that sends teens will provide 1-2 chaperones. The minimum requirement for chaperones is one adult per ten teens, however, we anticipate having over the minimum requirement.

Is there a nurse or first aid person on site?
Yes, we will have a first aid person on site. If your child has specific medical need, please note it on the registration.

What should I do if my teen has to bring medication?
If a teen has prescriptions that they will bring with them, please note it on their registration. If an adult needs to remind or hold their prescriptions, please notify the adult chaperone that is attending Teen Bash with your church. If you have additional questions regarding medications, email teenevents@thecharlottechurch.org

Is there any type of security?
The campground itself is far off the main road and surrounded by woods. We have two brothers serve as our security team and patrol the area on golf carts throughout the event.

What should I wear to the New Year’s Eve party?
The party is formal so bring your party dress or slacks and a nice shirt, maybe even a tie . Dresses should cover your mid-drift and cleavage and come down to mid-thigh or longer)

Will there be Teen Bash T-shirts?
No, unfortunately this year we will not have T-shirts.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?
Yes, please note dietary restrictions in your registration. We can accommodate gluten free and other restrictions due to medical needs.

What if I cannot attend Teen Bash unexpectedly?
Full Refunds are available up until December 22nd. If your child cannot attend due to illness, you are eligible for a full refund even after this deadline.

Who is attending?
Teens from North Carolina, South Carolina, and possibly Tennessee.

If I still have questions, who can I contact?
Feel free to reach out by email to teenevents@thecharlottechurch.org if you have additional questions.